* = First in category
** = Second in category

1st Anthony Glover * Adult M Westbury Harriers 18:57
2nd Luke Prior * Youth M Wells City Harriers 19:03
3rd Andrew Lane ** Adult M Hogweed Trotters 20:10
4th Gary Hughes Adult M 20:49
5th Josiah Burgess ** Youth M 20:54
6th Oliver Dickinson Youth M Wells City Harriers 21:00
7th Joe White Adult M 21:07
8th Ewan Joyce Youth M Yate And District AC 22:02
9th Olly Sheppard Adult M 22:06
10th Lauren Ellis * Adult F Yate And District AC 22:18
11th Elliott Chard Youth M Yate 22:25
12th David Scott Adult M Hogweed Trotters 22:26
13th Scott Mason Youth M Bitton Junior RC 22:44
14th Andy Jenkins Adult M 22:49
15th Adrian Grimshaw Adult M Emersons Green RC 22:58
16th Mark Fletcher Adult M 23:06
17th Lisa Newing ** Adult F Bristol & West AC 23:07
18th Laura Connors Adult F 23:10
19th Alan Wilcox Adult M Hogweed Trotters 23:11
20th Liam Jones Adult M Thornbury RC 23:12
21st James Harrod * Child M Westbury Harriers 23:24
22nd Paul Harrod Adult M Westbury Harriers 23:30
23rd Dominic Day Adult M 23:36
24th David Richards Adult M 23:41
25th Matt Fisher Adult M 23:43
26th Mike Priday Youth M 23:47
27th Glenn Winter Adult M 23:59
28th Adam Meese Adult M 24:08
29th Katie Lansdowne Adult F 24:15
30th Katrina Prior Adult F Wells City Harriers 24:15
31st Dale Emery Adult M 24:21
32nd Paul Baxter Adult M 24:35
33rd Adam Tuckfield Youth M 24:41
34th Jeff Lane Adult M Hogweed Trotters 24:58
35th Kevin Crew Adult M 25:02
36th Jacob Hodgson Adult M 25:08
37th Shaun Pain Adult M 25:08
38th Geoff Waters Adult M 25:11
39th Peter Rogers Youth M 25:15
40th Louis Cousins Adult M 25:16
41st James Wade Youth M Bitton Junior RC 25:17
42nd Luke Palmer Youth M Bitton Road Runners 25:27
43rd Lee Atkins Adult M 25:32
44th Sean Suleman Adult M 25:33
45th Steve King Adult M 25:41
46th Simon Bateman Adult M 25:43
47th Rob Ridley Adult M 25:43
48th Neil Holloway Adult M 25:45
49th Ben Bayliss ** Child M 26:04
50th Simon Hatch Adult M 26:04
51st Nathan Burge Child M St Marys School RC 26:21
52nd David Knight Adult M 26:24
53rd Alistair Robbins Adult M 26:24
54th Ben Joyce Youth M 26:37
55th Andrew Burge Adult M 26:39
56th Adrian Hibbert Adult M 26:40
57th Matthew Constable Youth M 26:42
58th Lisa Hatch Adult F 26:42
59th Julie Constable Adult F 26:42
60th Keri Siney * Child F 27:00
61st Abigail Matthews Child F 27:00
62nd Kezlah Burgess Adult F 27:03
63rd Mike Carter Adult M 27:19
64th Joe Melling Child M 27:26
65th Martin Ward Adult M 27:31
66th Ben Holley Youth M 27:41
67th Stephen Melling Adult M 27:44
68th Toby Palmer Child M St Marys School RC 27:55
69th Oliver Jeffery Youth M 27:57
70th Rob Palmer Adult M 28:00
71st Rachael Green Adult F 28:01
72nd Serena Matthews Adult F 28:10
73rd Steve Reynolds Adult M 28:10
74th Laura Cook * Youth F Yate 365 28:30
75th Luke Woodman Child M 28:40
76th Nicola Siney Adult F 28:51
77th Kelsey Williams ** Child F 28:52
78th Glyn Williams Adult M 28:52
79th Daniel Carter Youth M 29:07
80th David Constable Adult M 29:10
81st Stuart Galsworthy Adult M 29:23
82nd Joseph Sheppard Youth M 29:23
83rd Luke Jefferson Youth M 29:49
84th Isaac Luke Child M St Marys School RC 29:50
85th Kelly Stevens Adult F 30:03
86th Richard Norton Adult M 30:06
87th Ricky Chodkiewicz Adult M 30:12
88th Tomas Janicek Adult M 30:14
89th Sheila Hartnett Adult F Hogweed Trotters 30:19
90th Robert Smith Adult M Hogweed Trotters 30:21
91st Maria Cook Youth F Yate 365 30:27
92nd Pete Connors Adult M 30:38
93rd Chloe Bayliss ** Youth F 30:39
94th James Bayliss Adult M 30:40
95th Deirdre Rodgers Adult F 30:42
96th Daisy Harvey Child F 30:51
97th Cain Warren Youth M 31:03
98th Garry Rogers Adult M 31:05
99th Tom Welsby Child M 31:11
100th Robert Hawkins Adult M 31:17
101st Steve Waters Adult M 31:17
102nd Andrew Crookes Adult M 31:19
103rd Martin Cook Adult M 31:25
104th Jensen Reader Child M St Marys School RC 31:31
105th Jodi Palmer Child F 31:34
106th Laura Abram Youth F 31:36
107th Thomas Reed Child M St Marys School RC 31:41
108th Megan Fletcher Child F 31:59
109th Ella Harvey Adult F 32:00
110th Darren Watts Adult M 32:01
111st Harry Wood Youth M 32:05
112nd Emily Abram Youth F 32:10
113rd Steve Savage Adult M 32:11
114th James Gooch Child M St Marys School RC 32:16
115th Nick Gooch Adult M 32:17
116th George Jefferson Child M 32:19
117th Ciara Knight Adult F 32:26
118th Lorraine Palmer Adult F Hogweed Trotters 32:36
119th Gareth Cook Adult M 32:40
120th Melanie Jefferson Adult F 32:41
121st Tracey Burge Adult F 32:42
122nd Matthew Hill Adult M 33:06
123rd Abbie Porter Youth F 33:07
124th Paul Wood Adult M 33:10
125th Lisa Horder Adult F 33:10
126th Libby Horder Child F 33:18
127th Claire Maule Adult F 33:21
128th Laurie Lawrence Child M 33:26
129th Antony Lawrence Adult M Bitton Road Runners 33:27
130th Joe Connors Youth M Yate Tri Stars 33:29
131st Julia King Adult F 33:30
132nd Christopher Bennett Youth M 33:33
133rd John Bennett Adult M 33:34
134th Alexandra Hucker Adult F 33:35
135th Kevin Hucker Adult M 33:36
136th Kim Walker Adult F 33:37
137th Samara Cain Adult F 33:38
138th Sharon Butterworth Adult F Frenchay Runners 33:42
139th Jane Beynon Adult F 33:45
140th Laura Beynon Adult F 33:46
141st Paul Beynon Adult M 33:46
142nd Charlotte Spencer Adult F Frenchay Runners 33:48
143rd Amy Ford Adult F 34:17
144th Bob Symons Adult M Emersons Green RC 34:35
145th Justin Bate-Williams Adult M 34:36
146th Tim Sealey Adult M 34:37
147th Sam Lenthall Adult M 34:38
148th Peter Griffiths Adult M 34:47
149th Oliver Shaw Child M 34:48
150th Lee Shaw Adult M 34:49
151st Georgina Causon Youth F 35:01
152nd Steve Hoare Adult M 35:02
153rd Adam Woodman Youth M 35:03
154th Rachel Gover Adult F Westbury Harriers 35:05
155th Victoria Burchill Adult F 35:08
156th Charlene Ollerenshaw Adult F 35:11
157th Clare Willis Adult F 35:20
158th Ryan Abram Child M 35:41
159th Paul Abram Adult M 35:43
160th Caroline Massey Adult F 36:03
161st Frank Abbott Adult M Empire 36:18
162nd Grace Fletcher Child F 36:19
163rd Lisa Fletcher Adult F 36:20
164th Charlotte Pain Adult F 36:23
165th Keela Hurcom Child F 36:31
166th Melvin Hurcom Adult M 36:37
167th Brooke Sullivan Adult F 36:45
168th Melissa Sheppard Adult F 36:46
169th Debbie Carter Adult F 36:52
170th Callie Beyer Youth F 37:03
171st Lucy Elizabeth Boak Adult F 37:07
172nd Vanessa Hill Adult F 37:09
173rd Caroline Figueiredo Adult F 37:34
174th Maggie Malley Adult F 37:54
175th Jenny Bott Adult F 37:54
176th Amy Norton Adult F 37:56
177th Keira Grainger Child F 38:02
178th Sharon Grainger Adult F 38:03
179th Sarah Griffiths Adult F 38:37
180th Emma McLaughlin Adult F 38:47
181st Caroline Millett Adult F 38:48
182nd Anita Chard Adult F 38:49
183rd Sarah Palmer Adult F 38:50
184th Phedra Senior Adult F 38:52
185th Shaun Edwards Adult M 38:54
186th Nicola Clarke Adult F 39:10
187th Dolores Ego Adult F 39:19
188th Cherry Bueasuceso Adult F 39:20
189th Elaine Gibson Adult F 39:22
190th Jessica Walker Youth F 39:47
191st Lisa Reed Adult F 39:53
192nd James Bennett Youth M 39:55
193rd Caroline Baxter Adult F 39:56
194th Sarah Goodfield Adult F 39:57
195th Steven Bennett Adult M 40:03
196th Rachel Bateman Adult F 40:23
197th Jackie Young Adult F 40:24
198th Amanda Warren Adult F 41:04
199th Ellie Nuttall Adult F 41:07
200th Deb Wood Adult F 41:45
201st Tanya Woodman Adult F 42:15
202nd Emma Reader Adult F 42:15
203rd Mark Cox Adult M 43:37
204th Trudi Worlock Adult F 45:00
205th Clayton Worlock Adult M 45:01
206th Memoona Ahmed Youth F Team Saeed 46:05
207th Caitlin Wood Youth F 47:35
208th Charlotte Warren Youth F 47:37
209th Julie Cassidy Adult F 48:39
210th Lucy Comley Adult F 48:41
211st Himaas Ali Youth M Saeed’s Team 49:17
212nd Mahmood Ahmad Adult M Team Saeed 49:17
213rd Mohummud Saeed Abdul Majed Youth M Team Saeed 01:15:27
214th Lesley Gillon Adult F 01:15:31
215th David Gillon Adult M 01:15:32
N/A Rachel Austin Adult F DNF
N/A Yareem Ali Youth F DNF